Aboriginal Resource Trail
Prepared by the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Education Service the Aboriginal Resources Trail (ART) is designed to give students a
Indigenous Perspectives Tuckerbag
Here is a significant number of resources with a focus on Aboriginal culture from South Eastern Australia, and also broader.
Nillumbik Reconciliation Group - Coranderrk & Birrarung database
2012 Victorian Community History Awards Mick Woiwod's Coranderrk Database has received a Victorian Community History Award under the Local History
Nillumbik Shire
RECONCILIATION CHARTER LAUNCHED Thursday 17th of April saw the official launch of the Nillumbik Reconciliation Charter at the opening of
Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights
Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights This booklet provides a description of the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Stories of the Dreaming
The Dreaming The Dreaming for Australian Indigenous people (sometimes referred to as the Dreamtime or Dreamtimes) is when the Ancestral
Wurundjeri Disc
THE WURUNDJERI CULTURE RESOURCE KIT IS NOW AVAILABLE ON DISC The Wurundjeri Culture Resource Kit has been completely updated and
Local musician and NRG member, Robbie Greig, has written and recorded his own composition titled 'Wurundjeri Sorry Song'.  You can listen